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The ceramic

"...For five, six thousand years, for an enormous amount of years, ceramics have been there - as sweet as bread and they are even older than bread. They are older than the Bible and Jesus Christ, older than all the poems that they are written, older than goats and cats, older than all houses, older than all metals. Ceramics are as old as mammoth teeth, as bear ribs, as reindeer horns. I am the paper on which the idea of darkness was conveyed for the first time, making completely invented shapes with my hands..."

- E. Sottsass

About Our Leather

the residues

C'eramica is first of all a path that arises from the passion for ornamental ceramics which led to the discovery of how this is a complex material to recycle, once crushed, precisely because it is made up of many different elements which, once fired, become inseparable. Currently, companies that deal with the production of ceramics, whether ornamental or covering, are able to recover internally only the raw waste, therefore finding themselves forced to send their fired residues to landfills, with the consequence of facing even to significant environmental damage. A ceramic product that undergoes breakage is therefore deposited in ecological islands in the form of inert waste, i.e. that type of waste that does not undergo any significant physical, chemical or biological variation such as construction and demolition waste for example.


Ceramic is a material that is often decorated and embellished with details, for this reason we at C'eramica believe that allocating it to ecological islands is a big waste and an equally great opportunity: our aim is to take an imperfect material like this and make it new profit by giving it new life and new value through a design process aimed at highlighting the presence of these residues, beautiful and always different as a starting point for our products.

Our mission: recover imperfect ceramic waste, making them useful again with power

of design.

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