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Lamp entirely handmade with industrial ceramic scraps. 1920s-inspired Cordelia model here in meringue color with undergrowth green ceramic and gold leaf. 

The lamp is made up of two material panels with the lamp holder inside. The peculiarity of this material lies in the fact that once turned on, the light passes through the material highlighting the ceramic inside and creating interesting plays of light and shadow.


Due to the particularity of the material and its manual construction, this lamp is to be considered a unique piece.  



One more curiosity?

Did you know that industrially broken ceramic ends up in landfills? We believe that this is a big waste and a great opportunity: our aim is in fact to take an imperfect material and make it useful again by giving it new life and new value, with the hope that it will last for a long time.

Cordelia meringue


GRATIS il portachiavi per ordini superiori a 80€!

  • The lamp can be adjusted as desired, depending on where the electrical socket cable is needed. 

  • The shipment will be made within 48 hours of receipt  order by express courier.

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